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Thread: IB offerings in Chicago area

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    Lincoln Park HS's IB program says that since 1984, they have had a rate of 87% of graduates earning the IB diploma.

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    46th Ward, Chicago, Illinois
    McCutcheon Elementary at 4865 N. Sheridan Road is trying to get an IB primary years program started which would then feed into Senn's IB program.

    The Lycee's IB program is still in its candidacy phase I believe. However, given that they have many years of experience with the French Bac (similar to IB but requires complete fluency in French) they expect to have no problem getting final approval.
    They have an extremely high pass rate on the French Bac, I believe it is rare for a student not to pass and I would expect their results with the IB to be the same. At the last tour I attended at the school they in fact stated that they would only encourage a student (who had been at the school the entire time and was a native English speaker at home) to take the IB exam if they had issues with their French fluency for some reason. They intend their IB program to be a way of allowing native English speakers into the school at the high school level thus gaining the advantage of the language component of the exam. From my understanding they would expect those entering native English speakers to be almost fluent in French by graduation but perhaps not quite enough to take a test requiring college level writing ability in French.

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