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    TAFT AC/High School

    Grade 7-12
    Students ~ 2,677 (Includes AC+HS)
    Principal: Arthur N Tarvardian


    6530 W Bryn Mawr Ave
    Chicago, Illinois 60631 Map
    Phone: (773) 534-1000
    Fax: (773) 534-1027


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    Some good news coming from Taft. First they have changed their grading scale to a 90 for an A. Next, AC kids are now autoatically accepted into Taft IB program. Both of these changes make Taft AC more attractive.

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    Please post more info on Taft AC.. what to expect, Do they have same lunchtime period with HS students? The problems that a new AC kid would be encountering... Any info would be gratefully appreciated.

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