For the treatment of acne vulgaris (inhibition of sebum secretion, reduce hair follicles, sebaceous tube abnormal keratosis, is not conducive to bacteria breeding in the epidermis), lichen planus, leukoplakia, multiple verruca vulgaris, seborrheic dermatitis, ichthyosis, hair red rosea, Darier's disease, as well as other abnormal keratinization class skin disease, psoriasis, basal cell carcinoma, malignant epithelial cancer, actinic cheilitis and so on.

The irritation of tetinoic acid is large, but a lot of people use it, you can sum up the experience of others, in short, do a good sunscreen during the day, adapt from low concentration, and with a few weeks after a period of time is the exacerbation stage survived. Through the terrible time, the skin will be fine. According to the surveys by tretinoin manufacturer, some skin care products containing an ingredient called vitamin A acid. Vitamin A acid skin care products successfully developed, instead of tartaric acid which dominate the world? acid in the past few chrome hearts online years, acid A can chrome hearts online deeply into the skin cell nucleus and truly improve the skin from the inside to outside, give skin a healthy glow glory, and A acid almost non-existent the discomfort problem that tartaric acid must consider.

Retinoic acid has light sensibility, so can not be used chrome hearts during the day. Otherwise it will make the skin be black. Problem skin: the skin condition is very bad, the acne always inseparable from the face, especially in more severe menstrual period. Despite we do our best to try many refreshing type of skin care products, but the acne still exsist in the face. The first time using tretinoin skin care products, face greasy, a little uncomfortable. But two months later, the skin will improve, the anger will converge, and slightly red dark skin will also become more and more shiny. And this skin care products can be used with other skin chrome hearts care products.

Sensitive skin: the skin is too sensitive, has been always plagued by females. Whenever the breeze on the face, this kind of skin will feel dry and discomfort, and even in the office air-conditioning also make them feel uncomfortable. But use products containing vitamin A acid, originally drying and easy peeling of the facial skin after one week, it start to get the delicate up, nose dander will also improve. After a month, not only the sensitivity of the skin can change a lot, even the yellowish skin will start to gloss, also can make pores shrink.

Oily skin, especially in the T-shaped parts, easy to allergies, and often there will be a small cob blisters, feels quite uncomfortable. Sometimes cheek will feel dry. This kind of skin with vitamin A acid skin care products, although the feeling of use is a bit greasy, but after a week, the skin will be gloss and the cheeks will not feel dry, and have a smooth feeling. Small blisters will also uncommon.

There are many beauty products containing retinoic acid in the market, tretinoin used as cosmetics material can accelerate the shedding of epidermal keratinocytes, keep the skin dry and cure acne, but it must be prescribed by a physician. Such as with peeling after use, can not be exposed to the sun; pregnant women have teratogenic risk of using this drug to treat, so that patients should avoid pregnancy.


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