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Thread: For Other Rahm Fans

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    Thank you, Richie Daley

    The previous Mayor left our city in financial ruin. Rahm has the unenviable task of cleaning up the mess. He is not a warm and fuzzy guy, he is an ass-kicker. Due to the residency requirement for city workers, Chicago is a public employee union echo chamber. Every move that Rahm takes to lessen the stranglehold public employee unions have on our city's finances will be met with rancor, the recent teachers strike a prime example. I don't always agree with his delivery style, but Rahm is the bitter medicine Chicago needs right now.

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    I remember driving my Kindergartner home from school one afternoon a couple years ago and the Chicago news that day was the Daley wasn't going to seek re-election.

    So I tried to explain to her about Daley's legacy and how people were saying that Rahm E. had expressed interest in the job and was already the presumed front-runner.

    At the time if you told me this would almost directly result in a teacher's strike and missing seven days of school as she starts 2nd grade I would not have believed it, but so it goes...

    Hopefully the things he fought for are worth it. This morning in the gym I saw part of an ad he's running explaining the educational benefits and gains for children from the deal that was done.

    I don't consider myself informed enough to share a public opinion but will just reiterate that I hope it was worth it.

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