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    Robert Lindblom Math & Science Academy

    Grade 7-12
    Students ~ 725
    Zone: West/Central/South
    Principal: Alan Wesley Mather
    Opened: 1917

    Lindblom Math & Science Academy Web Site News & Announcements, Upcoming Events, Quicklinks, The Talon, Athletics, Student Vault, LMSA Shuttle Schedule, etc.
    CPS Summary Page for Lindblom Math & Science Academy Overview, Scorecard, Enrollment and Admissions, Progress Reports, Key Dates, etc.
    Wikipedia Page for Lindblom Math & Science Academy Building History, Partnership with Baxter International, Notable Alumni, Student Life, Athletics, Lindblom Debate Team, etc.

    6130 S Wolcott Ave
    Chicago, Illinois 60636
    Phone: (773) 535-9300
    Fax: (773) 535-9314

    Location in Bing Maps
    Google Street View
    Bing Maps Bird's Eye View

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    As I did with the Academic Center thread, I'll begin the Lindblom discussion with a plug. Lindblom Math & Science Academy (where I am principal) is hosting an open house for prospective 9th graders on Saturday, November 3, at 10:00 am.
    There will be tours, lead by current high school students to visit teachers/classes in all content areas. I (as well as other administrators) will be available to answer questions. Parking is available both on the street and in our two parking lots on the NE & SW corners of 62nd and Damen. Check out our website for more information at; you can also learn more by following me on Twitter: @PrincipalMather.
    See you November 3!
    Alan Mather

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    Mr. Mather, just FYI that your Lindblom 9-12 open house on 11/3 is not currently on the CPS Office of Access and Enrollment Calendar, and you might want to make sure it's added, for those people who don't find their way to the CPS Obsessed Forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HSObsessed View Post
    Mr. Mather, just FYI that your Lindblom 9-12 open house on 11/3 is not currently on the CPS Office of Access and Enrollment Calendar, and you might want to make sure it's added, for those people who don't find their way to the CPS Obsessed Forum.
    Thank you!

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