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Thread: Sun Times 2012 School Report cards list is in!

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    Sun Times 2012 School Report cards list is in!

    Here is the link.

    I'm disappointed that they didn't asterix the selective enrollment schools like they did last year. It's misleading to compare schools based on student test scores when they have very different enrollment policies.

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    Hmm, when did this come out? I had a doctor's appt Monday morning and she said something about my kids' school "Skinner" being the top ranked school. I am just finding out about it now.

    Note that besides having the advantage of Selective Enrollment, Skinner North is also a new school, so there aren't that many kids being tested yet compared to schools that have fully fleshed grade levels.


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    Skinner North Principal Netterstrom got a lot of inches in this article

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    Skinner North did rate highly. I am not so sure about the scoring process though. It should have been divided better into more categories.

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    Sun Times 2012 School Report cards list is in

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