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Thread: Peanut Free Schools?

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    Peanut Free Schools?

    Does anyone know which (if any) of the magnet elementary schools are peanut free? I'd also love to hear of any schools that may not necessarily be nut free, but don't allow food at celebrations. Thanks so much! (ps - please forgive me for cross posting this under SE and Neighborhood schools. It's pretty hard to find this information, so I thought I'd rely on the wisdom of this group for help!) THANK YOU!!

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    Disney II is not peanut free. My daughter had a classmate K-3rd (they recently moved) who had a severe peanut allergy. The classroom was designated "peanut/tree nut free" (although there is no food in the classroom anymore). I was told that the students with allergies sat at a designated table in the lunchroom that was reserved just for those students. While PB was discouraged via communication with parents & students, it was not banned.

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    Oh - Disney II does not allow food for celebrations in the classroom. No cupcakes, treats, etc for birthdays, holidays. Occasionally, the school will host a pizza or ice cream party for achieving certain goals but the students have to have parent approval to participate. We also have the Pilot Light Chefs come in several times per year and, again, parents must give approval for their child(ren) to eat the food that is provided.

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    Inter-American has an official peanut free policy. The current principal tried to upgrade it to all nut free, but parents objected. Along the way, we found out that CPS policy forbids inspection of lunches students bring, so while the school is still peanut free, one cannot be certain this is the case. Our son has a mild peanut allergy too but we support the current policy in place. The school also does not allow food to be brought into the classrooms.

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    any schools with no food in classroom? I'm not asking about lunchroom.

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