Copied this from the CPSO blog. BTW, I attended this event a few years ago and it was very informative:

If you havenít seen or heard, the Bucktown Community Organization is holding its annual Education Forum again soon.
The first part is an open house with reps from all of the Bucktown elementary schools in attendance.
The second part is a presentation on ĎEverything CPSí. Itís a 60-90 minute boot camp on how to navigate CPS. The presentation is not Bucktown specific, it would be of value to anyone considering CPS. Best of all, itís free!

Here are the details:
Location: Burr Elementary (Ashland and Wabansia)
Date: Thursday, October 18th
Time: 6:00-7:30 Open House
7:30 -8:30 Presentation
Cost: FREE
Details are also available on the BCO website-
any questions email:
Steve Dillinger
Bucktown Community Organization