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    Lake View High School

    Lake View High School has its first STEM freshman class up and running. In this program, students participate in a college-prep curriculum that is technology oriented. They can start taking classes that earn college credit as early as sophomore year, and can earn an Associate's degree while in HS. Partnerships with DePaul and Microsoft, 20 AP classes. There's not much on the website yet about the application procedure for next year, but there is an open house for potential freshmen on November 13, 2012.

    STEM information on the LVHS website:

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    What if my child is not that interested in STEM related subjects, would this be the wrong place? I see there is a Humanities STEM at Lakeveiw, but my research always concludes that traditional STEM is Science/Tech/Engineering/Math. So, that being said, what is the Humanities direction really mean.

    I'm worried that this STEM program is making Lakeview seem more like a vocational school.

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