Did anyone catch him on Chicago Tonight earlier this week? I was pretty surprised by his characterization of teachers in CPS. His description of what takes place in the classroom (nothing, apparently) sounded totally foreign to me. Why is he so interested in bad-mouthing teachers and seeing schools shut down? Maybe I've been lucky, but all of my kids' teachers have been extraordinarily hard-working and dedicated to helping children learn, whether I've liked them or not.

His editorial in the Trib infuriated me, especially the call for frequent testing. Isn't that what they already have? My kids have been subject to plenty of testing. It hasn't done anything for their learning. It has meant they their classes focus very little on writing and social studies. It's one of the largest reasons I consider pulling my kids from CPS.


So I'm just wondering, what's in it for him? And what gives him the right to call for a less-than-middle class wage for teachers?

If anyone believes he's on to something good, I'd love to hear why.