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    Waiting For Superman

    Now many people agree that it's a combination of crummy management and crummy workers that can create deplorable work conditions and quality of work. Ironically its not just CPS that has these issues. School teachers have a long track record, and lets be honest; not educating students to the best of their ability. Now there are amazing teachers, those of which I have had through my academic career... but for each great teacher I can remember I know equally in number of other teachers who where the antithesis of those great teachers.

    The movie Waiting for Superman high lights the states inability to remove the bad apples to better educate the students, thus making the Teachers Unions cries of unfair pay even stronger.

    By all means watch the movie, pass it along to parents and teachers who actually do a damn good job.

    But by no means is the City off the hook for it, they have mismanagement alot of the funds and programs for CPS students. There are many schools in CPS that are "turn around" not because "under privileged" students attend the school, it's from the lack of targeted funding towards the students who need the additional assistance in mastery of school curriculum.

    But lets start this all off by watching Waiting for Superman, by the end of the week if enough parents watch this movie, the strike should lose steam, getting our students back in school, get the bad teachers fired, and then the focus can be targeted towards the bad management if the CPS schools.

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    Thanks for the Netflix link. I was discussing CPS with my brother a couple weeks ago and he recommended this documentary and it sounded very interesting. I did not realize it was in Netflix streaming. I suppose I now have something to do with the kids in the morning lol! But they are only 5 & 7 and probably couldn't sit through five minutes of a documentary.

    BTW, I mentioned to my older daughter this morning that the strike could last one day or even go on for months and she got a little anxious about how she would she be prepared for 3rd grade if she doesn't complete 2nd grade, but she quickly came up with a solution, 10 minutes per day on Problem solved . (And I guess she would spend the rest of the day watching Pokemon cartoons and causing messes around the house.)

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    I don't recommend watching it with your children. I watched it a few weeks ago also and my 4th grader wandered in while I was watching it. He heard Geoffrey Canada say something about kids failing and inferred that he was destined for failure because he hadn't completed his summer workbook.

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