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  1. College Thread – Tuition and Essays

    I travelled this past weekend, to a wonderful music festival in Athens, Ohio, home of Ohio University.* The festival was great – smallish, laid back, no drunken Lollapolloza-style idiots, lots of...
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    What’s New – Me and BBB

    Hi there.* Just a few updates on me and CPS. Thanks to everyone who asked about my mom or shared*their own experiences.* She is back home (after experiencing a cerebral abscess (aka brain infection))...
  3. 2015 SEES GIFTED and CLASSICAL Elem Thread

    Share scores, questions, and knowledge here about gifted and classical programs. And remember, the process takes some time to work through the lists.   Please post: School Score Tier Favorite...

    Post news about entry into AC and International Gifted Program here. Please include: School Score Tier For those who aren’t familiar with the Intl gifted programs, some info from CPS: International...
  5. 2015 NEIGHBORHOOD and MAGNET Elementary School Thread

    Post your news, questions, opinions here about Neighborhood and Magnet elementary schools. If you post about your letter/status, please include: School Waiting list # Tier (if applicable) And...
  6. CPS School Board: To elect or appoint?

    A quick search this morning on our school board led me to this article which I think summarizes the situation nicely and in an unbiased way and includes some quotes from some professors at DePaul.*...
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    Rahm and Chuy and Chicago and CPS

    This NYTimes piece is interesting and links to a survey about Rahm’s term as mayor.* The school stuff factors in prominently.* He cannot dodge the school closing issue.* He likes doing things big,...
  8. PreSchool Applications open March 2015

    I got an email about preschool today. Does this mean the application process is JUST NOW opening up? I’ve sort of lost track of*(or never fully understood) how this all works with the new changes.*...
  9. Neighborhood / Magnet High School Information

    As requested, please use this thread to ask questions, share, and learn about some of the non-SEHS offerings in the city. Parents with kids at a neighborhood high school, please share your thoughts...
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    High School Acceptances 2015

    Days away.* Best of luck to everyone in finding the school that is the best fit for their child, whether that is SEHS, magnet, neighborhood, charter, private, or high school homeschooling (AGH.)...
  11. What’s new in CPS – JANUARY 2015

    Thanks for ChicagoSchoolGPS for the link to next year’s calendar: Here is news about the PARCC from catalyst–I didn’t know that CPS would...
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    CPSO Update (and a PSA)

    Hi CPSO readers.* I will be out of commission for a bit.* My mom was hospitalized this week; after being sick for several weeks with a cough and what we thought was the flu, an infection spread to...
  13. Fun Quiz – what type of CPS parent are you? Now for something just for fun.* A quiz by a CPS parent (not me) to identify your CPS parent persona. I am the upbeat parent.*...
  14. SEHS offers by Tier (for kids that are currently freshmen)

      Always fun to see this data.* I will see if I can find out the # of actual kids (not applications) who applied, but these numbers give you the general gist of things.** Tier 4 kids continue to get...
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    New School Ratings out today

    CPS announced the new ratings program today.* The SQRP system.* “SQRP”… just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? Some interesting points from the press release: Instead of Level 1,2,3 there is...
  16. Comparing SEHS Admission Systems in Chicago, NYC, and Boston

      This interesting article in the Gotham Gazette compared the selective enrollment entry systems of NYC, Boston, and Chicago and the resulting racial balance of students within those schools. Of the...
  17. Petition for Illinois to delay the launch of the PARCC test

    You may have seen posts from Raise Your Hand already, but I’d urge people to consider signing this petition to ask the Illinois State Board of Education to delay the launch of the PARCC as the high...
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    Fall 2014: Applying to High School

    Use this thread to ask questions, post news about open houses (any type of high school) and share testing info. I’ll try to get more open house dates from the other (non-SEHS high schools) to post....
  19. Fall 2014: Applying to Academic Centers and Intl Gifted Programs

    As a quick review, Academic Centers are for 7-8th grade (apply in 6th grade.)* Entry into an AC guarantees you a high school spot in that school (and you can still apply to other schools for high...
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    Test Prep: Pros and Cons

    Interesting discussion started in the elem thread about test prep. As I see it: Pros: What can it hurt? Kid gets extra learning time Helps a child feel more comfortable taking the test as it will...
  21. Fall 2014 – Applying to Kindergarten / Elementary School

    Kindergarten/Elementary application time*here! Welcome! After the long wait from infanthood, it is now time*to being*charting the waters of CPS elementary school.** Applying has never been easier,...
  22. Hidden Gems High School Fair Sept 28th

    That time of year is coming up… the time to start lookin’ at schools!* Yeah! I don’t know what’s better than a fair with rides and corndogs, than a school fair with tables, flyers, and Principals!...
  23. Sun Times/Blaine Principal Analysis shows neighborhood schools outperform charters on

    A very compelling piece was published in the Sun Times today (coinciding with the first eve of school starting) where the current Blaine principal (who has been outspoken about the system) reports...
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    A walk in the PARCC?

    Okay, that was a seriously cheesy headline but I couldn’t resist. The PARRC test is coming to replace the ISATs as the standard test taken in all Illinois public elementary schools. The assumption is...
  25. Local Enrollment for Neighborhood High Schools

    Thanks to HSObsessed for passing on WBEZ’s Tweet with this interesting data on the % of students at each neighborhood high school who live within the school’s boundaries. I’ve included those with...
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