View Full Version : The AC test

02-01-2013, 08:58 AM
Hi there. The Academic Center test is often discussed as a 72-question, 40-minute test, but my daughter (who only applied to ACs) was given a 60-minute test that was broken down into six, 10-minute sections. She also noted that they skipped entire sections and that none of the covered sections dealt with numbers.

We left the building before she told me this, so I didn't get to double-check with the proctor. But I started to get nervous that she might have been given the wrong test (perhaps the elementary test?), so I called the Office of Access & Enrollment. After a couple of emails/voice messages, I was assured via email that she was given the correct test.

So, just a heads up that the test can differ. I'm not clear on why this is (perhaps it overlaps with the elementary test to make scheduling easier?), but I just wanted to share so that no one else gets stressed out like I did!