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11-01-2012, 02:30 PM
Is there something shady going on with CPS transportation policies?

Last year, my son was admitted to a classical school near downtown but he was unable to attend because their busing policy does not officially extend to our neighborhood on the South Side. That said, I had noticed a bus for the classical school outside of our neighborhood school in the morning. When I asked the Principal about this, she gave me the runaround. The CPSOAE office eventually gave me a barely satisfactory explanation that students within the transportation boundary had moved mid-year and were permitted to keep their stop outside of the boundary. This year, there is supposedly a bus for a north side academic center in our neighborhood but that school's policy is also officially limited to the 6 mile limit. It seems like there is an off-the-books transportation process that I have been unable to access.

Does anyone know about this? Is there an incentive for schools to declare a 6-mile limit even if they practice something different? As far as I know, Whitney Young is the only academic center that openly claims to bus students from all corners of the city.

11-01-2012, 03:33 PM
Generally transportation is offered to Magnet/ Selective Enrollment Elementary and Special Needs children. Perhaps the child falls into the latter category as well? My child's school is on the Northside and CPS transports as far south as Hyde Park.

The 1.5 - 6 mile rule is for magnet schools only. Each SE Elem school has their own boundaries, which you can find on the website. As to Academic Centers its provided Citywide but they provide centralized 'stops' and assign you to one closest to your house. We live in West Rogers Park (thus the screenname :) ) and my daughter was accepted to Kenwood. She was offered bussing at the most northern stop, which was Galewood, so not doable at all.

Transportation has always been a controversial topic. Some see it as a huge drain on funds. Others see it as an entitlement. CPS website says no ride will be over an hour but apparently the official rule about that was abolished. Bus routes this have been irrational, unpredictable, and close to 2 hours each way. At my youngest's school things are finally getting manageable but that has been after a month of parents working closely with Department of Transportation to streamline the routes. I wouldn't say there is something shady going on- I think the issue is more of competency.

Eric Fall K Dad
11-01-2012, 06:25 PM
I think it's really hit and miss. We live about three miles from our kids' school which is Classical, but the nearest bus stop is approx. two miles away, roughly half way between us and the school, so we figure if we have to drive anyway, we might as well go the whole distance.

Three new K students in our neighborhood recently got into the school bringing the total to 7, and we tried hard to get a bus stop in our neighborhood, but they wouldn't grant one.

OTOH, I know of a kid in a building next door who goes to a different classical school who gets picked up right at the door.

I think the difference may be that the other kid's stop was approved a four or five years ago, whereas now the budget is severely constrained and they can no longer grant any new bus stops or are extremely restrictive about it.

just my 2 cents


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