View Full Version : On Line HS application process starts today!

10-01-2012, 05:31 PM
Starting today, you can request your PIN from CPS, so that you can begin the HS applications process beginning on 10/08/12 and ending on 12/14/12. According to the letter I got through my 8th grader, the HS programs which have admissions handled through the Office of Access and Enrollment are: Selective Enrollment high schools, Magnet high schools (but Senn and von Steuben have additional screening like auditions or essays), military academies, IB programs, military academies, and Career and Technical Education academies.

Charter HS and neighborhood programs have separate applications.

I saw on the CPS website that starting next year (applying in the 2013-2014 year for freshmen in 2014), CPS will have a centralized application process for ALL high schools, but not this year!

11-29-2012, 06:41 PM
So we submitted our SEHS application on line a week or two ago. They asked us to choose which dates would work for testing, in December or January. I expected to get information from them via e-mail since this is all on line, but no, they send it in a letter with your student! (This is still fraught with some risk -- don't they understand this?? I still get some items handed to me by my kid weeks after they were given to her.) So we got the letter -- at least we know her application is underway -- but they gave her one of the dates we did NOT ask for! And we were available for most of them! Anyway, we'll deal. It's going to be a challenge for my non-early riser kid to be awake and in her best test taking mode by 7:45 am. Looks like the test is about 3 hours. I had read somewhere it's 3 parts language arts and 1 part math.