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  1. CPS attending community meeting to discussing making change at neighborhood schools
  2. The Kindergarten Full-Day / Half-Day Discussion
  3. 2012 Academic Centers Post News Here!
  4. CPS to open more Selective Enrollment High Schools, says Brizard
  5. Few random things Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On
  6. WBEZ story on the IB High School Programs
  7. Nightline Show tonight on NYC Gifted/Talented Program + Article
  8. LSC Elections Final Plugs
  9. Longer Day (7.5 hour) protest continue with a parent press conference today
  10. 7 Hour Day. So it is written. So it shall be.
  11. The Budgets Are Coming, The Budgets Are Coming
  12. Charters growing in CPS up to 25% of schools?
  13. New start times whatd ya get?
  14. Principal Selection
  15. The CTU Contract Negotation Thread
  16. Learn More about CPS Changes and Challenges at a RYH Forum Monday June 11th
  17. CPSObsessed Book Club Begins!
  18. Summer Learnin Had Me a Blast
  19. Example of a School Board Election (San Diego)
  20. The 2013 Budget: The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly
  21. South Loop RGC Update New RGC Opening?
  22. Book Club Meeting Sunday July 29 7pm
  23. South Loop community interested in using Jones building for a new High School (guest
  24. Groupon: $12 buys a CPS student a year of school supplies
  25. Eric Zorn article on the longer day
  26. School Uniforms in CPS: Love em or Hate em
  27. CPS New School Locator
  28. CPS Strikewatch 2012
  29. The Back-to-School Teacher Appreciation Thread
  30. Charter ISAT Performance 2012
  31. Back to School Observations Sept 2012
  32. Learn about school options: Upcoming Dates for 2012/2013
  33. Chicago teacherss strike begins
  34. Strikewatch, Wednesday Sept 12
  35. Strikewatch Tues 9/18 HoD Votes Today
  36. Check out and help build the NEW CPSObsessed Forum!
  37. Revised 2012/2013 Calendar has been announced
  38. Wont Back Down School Choice Movie
  39. Ready, Set, Apply. for the 2013/2014 school year!
  40. Well, Ill be damned. JCB is out, BBB is in
  41. Figuring out the High School thing
  42. NYTimes Article: For Asians, School Tests Are Vital Steppingstones
  43. CPS committee to help with community input on school closings
  44. Tier Changes and Q&A with OAE
  45. Testing Culture Forum (and my experience with a test this week)
  46. Last Day to get PIN for online applications!
  47. New Schools EXPO (Charter school fair) Sat Dec 8th at Soldier Field
  48. And if you DONT support charters, heres another interesting activity for Saturday:
  49. New School Fair: Field Report
  50. Please answer the official CPS survey about a unified school calendar
  51. Unethical behavior in CPS
  52. IB Letters have left the building
  53. New CPS Calendar for 2013-2014
  54. WBEZ visits 2 Under-Enrolled schools
  55. Schools still possible for closing 129 schools (20% of CPS)
  56. The costs & savings of closing CPS schools (guest post with Seth Lavin)
  57. 2013 High School Letters being mailed this week
  58. RYH Benefit Thursday 2/28 please come by!
  59. SEHS news and numbers from OAE
  60. Magnet cluster/Open enrollment (aka neighborhood schools notification delayed until
  61. New Commission Suggestions on School Closings
  62. Back to the begining (A Pre-K post)
  63. 2013: Annual Elementary Mailbox Watch
  64. 2013: Academic Center Letters
  65. 2013: SEES Gifted and Classical Letter Thread
  66. CPS Schools Closing: 54 to close, 61 buildings to be shuttered
  67. Pre-School for All Surprise! New process for applying, starting TOMORROW!
  68. Disney II High School (and other schools still open)
  69. College Post #1
  70. Lottery Elementary Letters Part 2 2013 (Magnet cluster, neighborhood schools)
  71. Talk Tiers with OAE Weds May 29 6pm at Portage Park Auditorium
  72. Q & A with OAE (Katy Ellis from the Office of Access and Enrollment)
  73. Tier Admissions for SEHS 2013/4 School Year
  74. Per-Pupil Funding: Coming Soon to a School Near You
  75. Reader Article on Chicago School Segregation
  76. Update on the Budget Cuts Eric Zorn speaks out
  77. 2013 SEHS Application and Acceptance Rates
  78. CPS Principal publicly calls attention to girls wearing short shorts
  79. CPS Laying off 2,000+ (Trib Article)
  80. 2013 ISAT Top Schools (with Common Core Standards)
  81. Reinvestment Schools
  82. What should public education be?
  83. Interpretting new ISAT scores
  84. PreK Update Hows it Going?
  85. Fall 2013 Applying to Kindergarten / Elementary School
  86. High School Hidden Gems School Fair Sunday 9/22
  87. What Do Levels Mean?
  88. 2 announcements documentary about SEHS needs 8th graders, and idea for CPSO book cl
  89. Americans decidedly below average on school-ish skills?
  90. Elementary and AC Open Houses Share Feedback Here
  91. Neighborhood School Fair
  92. Raise Your Hand Survey
  93. Book Club The Smartest kids in the world
  94. Random Weekend Post: Suntimes Rankings! Network changes!
  95. Vote on the school calendar in this survey (need your kids ID#)
  96. Lincoln Elementarys new annex met with neighborhood opposition (and thats a nice wa
  97. Proposed Passage Charter HS for the north side
  98. Change in test scores allowed from private schools for SEHS
  99. Mid Year Transition
  100. Parent Requests and accomocating IEP/504 plans
  101. 7 More Charters on the Way
  102. Life without ISAT
  103. Elementary School Tours Privledge, Courtesy, or Right?
  104. High School Letter Post 2014
  105. College Post #2 Getting into Ivy Leagues (and other selective colleges)
  106. CPS PreK Application Time 2014 (for school year 2014/15)
  107. STEM in CPS (Guest post by Caroline Pollock Bilicki)
  108. 2014: Annual Elementary MAGNET and NEIGHBORHOOD Mailbox Watch
  109. 2014: Academic Center Letters and Intl Gifted Programs
  110. 2014: SEES Gifted and Classical Letter Thread
  111. South Side Schools Thread (Guest Post by Maureen Kelleher)
  112. Can giftedness be taught? To all kids?
  113. CPS Announces Uniform Application Process for Selective Enrollment Seats
  114. Preview of Whitney Young Documentary Film
  115. New Selective Enrollment High School opening
  116. Shift in Racial Demos at 4 Selective Enrollment High Schools
  117. NYTimes article on impactful college essays
  118. On the verge of summer
  119. Bullying in CPS and at Ogden (new Trib Article)
  120. MAP scores Spring 2014
  121. Increasing diversity in Selective Enrollment high schools
  122. Neighborhood still challenging Lincoln Elem addition, PUSH coalition joins in
  123. WTTW Digital Series on Selective Enrollment High School Admission 5 students
  124. Alderman Pawars Note on Neighborhood High Schools (Lake View and Amundsen)
  125. Local Enrollment for Neighborhood High Schools
  126. A walk in the PARCC?
  127. Sun Times/Blaine Principal Analysis shows neighborhood schools outperform charters on
  128. Hidden Gems High School Fair Sept 28th
  129. Fall 2014 Applying to Kindergarten / Elementary School
  130. Test Prep: Pros and Cons
  131. Fall 2014: Applying to Academic Centers and Intl Gifted Programs
  132. Fall 2014: Applying to High School
  133. Petition for Illinois to delay the launch of the PARCC test
  134. Comparing SEHS Admission Systems in Chicago, NYC, and Boston
  135. New School Ratings out today
  136. SEHS offers by Tier (for kids that are currently freshmen)
  137. Fun Quiz what type of CPS parent are you?
  138. CPSO Update (and a PSA)
  139. Whats new in CPS JANUARY 2015
  140. High School Acceptances 2015
  141. Neighborhood / Magnet High School Information
  142. PreSchool Applications open March 2015
  143. Rahm and Chuy and Chicago and CPS
  144. CPS School Board: To elect or appoint?
  145. 2015 SEES GIFTED and CLASSICAL Elem Thread
  147. 2015 NEIGHBORHOOD and MAGNET Elementary School Thread
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  153. Whats New Me and BBB
  154. College Thread Tuition and Essays
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