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  1. Union Discussions
  2. What time does your school's new 7-hour day start?
  3. Budgets for 2012/2013 school year
  4. Longer Day discussion
  5. TIF Spending by CPS Increasing Disparity?
  6. starting CPS preschool
  7. Class Size Policy
  8. CPS Arts Plan
  9. CPS Budget
  10. Can you help me research CPS's mandatory school uniforms policy?
  11. CIWP Access?
  12. Moratorium on school closings and charter expansion
  13. Elected School Board for Chicago
  14. Opt Out of testing
  15. Universal Calendar Next Year
  16. Transportation
  17. Air Conditioning in CPS Chicago Schools
  18. Summer business opportunity for one North Side Chicago teacher
  19. IB v. Selective Enrollment
  20. My child was lost during a field trip.
  21. PARCC Testing Event 3/31 at Chi Cultural Center